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The Vision

The Vision

At TekRecruiter, we aim to be the leading force in connecting businesses with unparalleled tech talent and expertise. By continually embracing and driving forward in the realms of IT recruitment and tech solutions, we strive to empower organizations to achieve their technological ambitions, while fostering a global community of software excellence and collaborative innovation

Image of a telescope symbolizing TekRecruiter's far-reaching vision, embodying our commitment to pioneering nearshore software development outsourcing and delivering innovative IT solutions
Mission Statement
Image showcasing an arrow hitting its target, representing TekRecruiter's focused mission to excel in nearshore software development outsourcing and provide precise IT and tech solutions.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to connecting businesses with the top 1% of tech talent and providing innovative tech solutions that drive success. By understanding and adapting to our clients' unique challenges, we aim to create lasting partnerships and deliver cost effective outcomes that exceed expectations. Our focus is on fostering growth and enabling scalability while upholding our commitment to quality, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Core Values

Core Values

Image of a balanced weight scale, visually representing TekRecruiter's core values of HEART - Hard work, Entrepreneurial spirit, Accountability, Transparency, and Reliability - foundational principles guiding our approach to nearshore software development and IT solutions

Hard Work
Entrepreneurial Spirit  


Image illustrating TekRecruiter's business timeline, highlighting key milestones: Birth of TekRecruiter in 2015, expansion with offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton in 2021, securing funding of $280K and a $30 million credit line in 2022, followed by opening new offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and London, UK in 2023

Leadership From the Front

Sr. DevOps Engineer (22).png

Ron Smith

Chief Talent Officer

Bachelors in Computer Science
AWS Certified Solutions Architect 
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 

GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Shortly after graduating from Florida International University in 2015, Ron Smith built a Job Board for commission-only sales professionals which was acquired after 6 months of its version one launch. He then began working for Signature Consultants in 2016, the 14th largest IT Staffing firm at the time, quickly becoming one of their top Technical Recruiting Leaders. In 2019 he expanded his leadership and technical knowledge by starting his next chapter with Artech, the 9th largest IT Staffing firm at the time. Ron led Artech to become the top staffing and software services partner for one of their largest enterprise clients. 

Ron's successful experience in Solutions Architecture and Technology Recruiting equipped him with the experience and know-how to manage, drive, and lead the ambitious endeavors of TekRecruiter. 

His organizational design, recruiting, and software delivery processes has shaped TekRecruiter's identity. 
A key part of TekRecruiter's business model's success is putting leadership on the front lines to work with clients, candidates, and consultants directly.  
"Lead from the front, on the front lines, and you will always put your team one step ahead of your competitors."
- Ron Smith 


Service Delivery Framework 

Thorough technical screening is a fundamental difference in our recruiting process 

Always working with a Managing Director is the key to our efficient concierge-like ser



Candidate Care

Consultant Care

Technical Sourcing 

Technical Interview Partner 

Service Delivery Framework

Diversity Supplier

TekRecruiter stands tall as a minority-owned business with a deep culture around Diversity, Ambition, Hard Work, Integrity, and Technology. As a Certified Diversity & Inclusion Supplier, partnering with us is bigger than just hiring; it is a step in the right direction in creating a work environment where everyone has a fair opportunity to showcase their talent and potential to exceed your business goals.

Diversity Supplier


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