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Grow your business by joining our Technical Partner Program

Join our 5-star partner program, designed to empower your passion and strengthen your Technology Services business. 

Our Technical Partner Program gives some of the most highly skilled small businesses in Latin America an opportunity to focus on what they love to do while we provide them with business opportunities and support from our 100+ clients in the United States. 

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Technical Partner Badge

Qualifications & Requirements

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Technical Partner Features & Benefits 

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Consistent Projects

We secure projects, you define time, scope and lead the tech. Partner with us for a steady stream of tailored opportunities

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Maximize Earnings

Set your rates, reap the rewards. We handle price negotiations and payments, you focus on quality project delivery 

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Rapid Team Assembly

Define your dream team for project delivery, we assemble it fast. Focus on the project, not the recruitment.

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Stabilize Business

Deploy your engineers on our projects as their bandwidth permits. Stay balanced, never overburdened or underworked

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Risk-Free Cash Flow

We cover your team's costs and all additional resources needed. Enjoy zero financial overhead risks to your business 

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Open More Doors

Join our elite brand, retain your entrepreneurial spirit. Our partnership enhances your profile and opens doors for you

Register your business 

We bring you closer to over 100 clients in the United States, ensuring a steady flow of projects that match your expertise. Enjoy the freedom to innovate and excel, supported by a network that values your skills. Don't just dream about success – make it your reality. Register your business today and be part of a community where technology and opportunity converge 

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