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Staff Augmentation

Technology Staff Augmentation 

Meet demand and stay agile with highly-skilled engineering contractors from anywhere in the world ready to work when you need them. Drive scale with the ability to hire any of our contractors as desired.

Focus areas include:

  • Salesforce 

  • Cyber Security (Application, Network, IAM, GRC, Audit)

  • JavaScript (Node, React, Angular)

  • Java

  • Integration (MuleSoft, BizTalk)

  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • DevOps

Hirirng managers identify the right Software Engineer to meet crtical deadlines hired through Staff Augmentation by TekRecruiter
Meet project deadlines with Software Engineers on-demand to complete technology Software Engineering project on-time with vetted engineers ready fro your team in less than 3 hours.

Project Based Staffing

Across a wide industry vertical, TekRecruiter is equipped to deploy the Top 1% of highly specialized Technology Contractors/Consultants with project milestone required speed, size, efficiency, and long-term retention. We work well with specialized integrators and small-to-large companies to complete critical version upgrades, new application builds, software customizations, DevOps as service, integrations, new feature adds, etc.  

Startup, Midsize & Enterprise Staffing Solutions

TekRecruiter works across midsize and enterprise companies to thoroughly understand the technology landscape of their environments. Leveraging industry leading skill set pipelining and sourcing automation, we are able to fit seamlessly as technology partners for some of your most technically skilled departments, groups, and teams.    

Image depicting a collaborative team in a dynamic workspace, symbolizing TekRecruiter's staff augmentation services for startups, midsize companies, and enterprises, showcasing our commitment to fostering teamwork and innovation across all business scales.
Permanet Workforce

Permanent Technology Workforce Solutions 

Build high-performing, culture-enthused tech teams with the top 1% of technologist Locally, Remote and in Latin America or Europe. Our performance-based guarantee allows our clients to build lasting teams quickly without risk.

Key client industries include:

  • Healthcare & Medical Technology 

  • Financial Technology

  • Smart Home Security

  • Ecommerce 

  • Government 

  • Software Development 

  • Security Technology

  • Tourism

  • Retail

  • Automotive

Image showcasing a cohesive team of internal technology professionals, representing TekRecruiter's permanent hiring services emphasizing our ability to integrate top tech talent into core company operations
Image of a handshake and contract, symbolizing the finalization of an offer letter, representative of TekRecruiter's direct hire services, highlighting our commitment to securing lasting, impactful employment agreements in the tech industry.

Direct Hire 

Hire a Full-Time technology employee confidently knowing we offer a 90-day placement guarantee. We identify the top 1% of technical talent for your needs, coordinate the interviews, and allow you to make the best hiring decision for your team


The top 1% of technology talent know they have options when exploring a new opportunity. A Contract to Hire allows you and a potential consultant to start building a relationship before making a permanent commitment. The consultant works as a Full Time TekRecruiter employee where we provide competitive health and PTO benefits. When you are ready to make a full-time offer, we will facilitate the process and ensure a seamless transition. 

Image depicting a handshake and a contract labeled 'Contract to Hire,' accompanied by an offer letter, illustrating TekRecruiter's contract-to-hire services that provide a trial period as a temporary employee with the potential to transition into a permanent role.
Naershore Staffing

Nearshore Solutions

Explore talented Technologists in Latin America

Our international scale provides competitive capabilities which create wider solutions to our clients that are more cost effective, convenient, and seamless. Benefits of leveraging tech talent in South America include: 

  • Similar to US time zone 

  • Strong communication skills in English

  • More aligned culture-fit with US teams

  • Educated and highly skilled Tech talent 

  • 50% lower cost  

We have expanded outside the US with a secondary headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil (The Silicon Valley of South America). Brazil leads all of South America in their technology footprint, talent, and growth with an estimate of over $9-billion spent in 2022. Other South American countries with a vibrant tech scene and an abundance of tech talent which we have access to include Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador and many more.  

Key skillsets Nearshore:

  • Software Engineers 

  • DevOps Engineers

  • AI Experts 

  • Salesforce Developers

  • Software Engineers in Test

  • Machine Learning Engineers

  • Data Scientists 

A graphic illustrating a connection between the U.S. and South America, with a distinct line linking the two regions, symbolizing the partnership and collaboration in tech solutions and nearshore software development capabilities
Image featuring software engineers seated on a globe, symbolizing TekRecruiter's nearshore staffing solutions, emphasizing our global reach in providing expert tech talent for software development needs.

Nearshore Staffing

Our Nearshore Staffing Solutions are designed to offer you the best in tech talent while significantly reducing your staffing expenses. By aligning with time zones that complement your working hours, each team member seamlessly integrates into your organization, directly under your management, ensuring cohesive team dynamics. Accomplish business ideals with the depth of technology they ideally require without compromise. 

Nearshore Tech Outsourcing

We handpick specialized technical teams for each unique project, from complex Salesforce and Cloud implementations to comprehensive DevOps solutions and application modernization. Our experts provide the essential skills and experience, managing all risks to ensure flawless execution. As you conveniently track each milestone, we work diligently to bring your vision to fruition. Benefit from our extensive network of skilled global technical resources, ensuring competitive pricing and the right expertise for your project all with local project management for easy collaboration.

Image depicting a team crafting a proposal and working on a project, representing TekRecruiter's nearshore software development outsourcing services – showcasing our process of collaborating with clients to design and execute tailored software solutions.
Tech Outsourcing
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