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Technology Staff Augmentation 

TekRecruiter provides the top 5% of long-term contingent consultants in highly specialized areas of Technology.

Our key areas include:

  • Salesforce 

  • Cyber Security (Application, Network, IAM, GRC, Audit)

  • JavaScript (Node, React, Angular)

  • Java

  • Integration (MuleSoft, BizTalk)

  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • DevOps

TekRecruiter - Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation

Midsize & Enterprise Staffing Solutions
TekRecruiter works across midsize and enterprise companies to thoroughly understand the technology landscape of their environments. Leveraging industry leading skill set pipelining and sourcing automation, we are able to fit seamlessly as technology partners for some of your most technically skilled departments, groups, and teams.    

Project Based Staffing
Across a wide industry vertical, TekRecruiter is equipped to deploy the Top 5% of highly specialized Technology Contractors/Consultants with project milestone required speed, size, efficiency, and long-term retention. We work well with specialized integrators and mid-to-large companies to complete critical version upgrades, new application builds, software customizations, integrations, new feature adds, etc.  


Direct Hire Technology Workforce Solutions 

TekRecruiter's reputation and focus on the top 5% of technology professionals across specialized skill sets allows our clients to build the highest performing and most collaborative teams in their respective industries. The best do more and add more value. Our cost effective performance-based guarantee allows our clients to exceed their technology business goals and objectives.

Key client industries include:

  • Healthcare & Medical Technology 

  • Financial Technology

  • Smart Home Security

  • Ecommerce 

  • Government 

  • Software Development 

  • Security Technology

  • Tourism

  • Retail

  • Automotive

Business Team
Direct Hire Workforce

The top 5% of technology talent know they have options when exploring a new opportunity. A Contract to Hire allows you and a potential consultant to start building a relationship before making a permanent commitment. The consultant works as a Full Time TekRecruiter employee where we provide competitive health and PTO benefits. When you are ready to make a full-time offer, we will facilitate the process and ensure a seamless transition. 

Direct Hire 
Hire a Full-Time technology employee confidently knowing we offer a 90-day placement guarantee. We identify the top 5% of technical talent for your needs, coordinate the interviews, and allow you to make the best hiring decision for your team

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