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TekRecruiter Cuts Client's Salesforce Cost by Over 20%

As a Salesforce staffing and recruiting firm/agency, TekRecruiter was able to deliver Salesforce Developers with commerce cloud experience quickly.
TekRecruiter delivers Salesforce Commerce Developers


The client partnered with a Salesforce recommended implementation vendor when they made the decision to use the Salesforce B2B Commerce as their ecommerce solution for their business customers. Leveraging all the features this tool had to offer, the client wanted to give their business customers online self-service capabilities, rapid reordering, customer-specific pricing, and flexible ordering options. Additionally, the client wanted further integration with their financial systems. As they improved their business and technology the cost and dependency on the Salesforce app vendor increased significantly.


As a Salesforce staffing specialist, TekRecruiter's Managing Director was able to sit down with the client's technology leaders to learn more about the depth of their current footprint within Salesforce Commerce Cloud and accurately presented to them a solution to bring their Salesforce development and administration inhouse, allowing them to regain control, reduce risk, and cut cost. The Managing Director covered the number of internal resources that would need to be hired, the type of experience and experience levels they would need to have, the salary budget to bring these resources onboard, and the timeline to identify, interview, and hire the right candidates. The level of detail and data provided to the client's Technology leaders allowed them to confidently present a 20% cost-saving solution to their Business Leaders that also strengthened their security and agility.


Within 3 months the client was able to hire a Salesforce Architect, two Senior Salesforce Developers, and a Salesforce Administrator. All with TekRecruiter's help and the cuts on the client's Salesforce cost.


Length of Contract

6 months to hire

Skill Sets

Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator


Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Lightning

Headless Commerce Architecture

Are you looking to hire Local or Remote Salesforce Developers for your team?

TekRecruiter is a specialized US-based Salesforce Recruiting Firm.


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