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Bridging Borders
Building Tech Teams

Empowering ambitions with our Tech Solutions: Exceed your business goals with our quality-focused IT Staffing, Recruiting and Software Services while discovering new possibilities with our cost-effective Nearshore Software Development capabilities. 

A graphic illustrating a connection between the U.S. and South America, with a distinct line linking the two regions, symbolizing the partnership and collaboration in tech solutions and nearshore software development capabilities

Tech Expertise & Partnerships

Achieve excellence, speed, and efficiency by partnering with a Specialist. 

'Practice makes perfect' is more than just a phrase; it's our defining edge. Harness our deep expertise to expand your tech teams, execute pivotal tech projects, or outsource specific tasks.

Tech Expertise

Trusted Certified Partners 

Delivering Comprehensive Tech Solutions for Your Success.

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Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions Tailored for Growth:
Drive Scale, Drive Success

Direct Hiring 

Find Top Tech Talent for Lasting Success

Scaling and success in tech is often boiled down to one critical factor: the right fit. Build

high-performance, culture-enthused tech teams with the top 1% of technologist Locally, Remote and in Latin America or Europe. These individuals are the cornerstone of your company's growth and the essential backbone of your organization.

Staff Augmentation

Meet Demand, Scale with Flexibility

Efficiently scale your team's size and skills to meet project needs, leveraging global talent for maximum agility. Access top talent locally or tap into cost-effective options in Latin America (nearshore) and Europe. Drive scale with the ability to hire any of our contractors as desired.

Software Services 

Utilize our Expertise. We have the best talent.

From Salesforce Implementations and Application Modernizations to Cloud and DevOps Engineering, we are Certified Partners committed to excellence. Maximize value with our nearshore team's cost-effectiveness, all seamlessly integrated under local project management

End-to-End Technology Solutions:
Our Tech Expertise Fueling Startup Success  

re you ready to join the ranks of top te

Custom Software Development

Build unique front-end and robust back-end solutions to meet your specific business needs

re you ready to join the ranks of top te

QA and


Easily deploy resilient

bug-free applications with Manual and Automation Testing 

re you ready to join the ranks of top te

DevOps and 


Develop your applications entirely in the cloud while optimizing service efficiency and infrastructure security

re you ready to join the ranks of top te

Data and 

Artificial Intelligence

Implement AI into your business operations and build custom AI products from scratch

re you ready to join the ranks of top te

Mobile App


Release stunning and secure mobile Apps on the iOS and Play stores propelling your business forward

re you ready to join the ranks of top te

Custom Salesforce Development

Elevate your business with custom CRM, E-commerce, Reporting, and Marketing solutions that enhance conversion

Our Inspirational Allies

Discover why Industry Innovators & Leaders partner with us.

Qualio logo showcasing them as a company that uses out IT staffing, recruiting and nearshore capabilities
Norton logo showcasing them as a company that uses out IT staffing, recruiting and nearshore capabilities
Climb Credit logo showcasing them as a company that uses out IT staffing, recruiting and nearshore capabilities
Uber logo showcasing them as a company that uses out IT staffing, recruiting and nearshore capabilities

Data-Driven Success: Our Data Tells the Story.

Elevate Your Business Efficiency and Quality.


Our Direct Hire, Staff Augmentation, and Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing Solutions are tailored for your success. Let our recruiting and technical expertise maximize your teams.

Image displaying TekRecruiter's performance metrics: swift resume turnaround times, successfully completed software projects, efficient interview-to-placement ratios, and high job fill rates, emphasizing our expertise in IT recruitment and nearshore software development.
Image depicting diverse client portfolio sizes at TekRecruiter, ranging from startups to midsize businesses and large enterprises, showcasing our adaptability in IT solutions and nearshore software development outsourcing


What Our Clients Say

Application Development Manager sharing is experience using our IT Staffing and Recruiting tech solutions

Morgan O'Conner
Engineering Manager, Norton 

Application Modernization & Cloud Optimization Project

My experience with TekRecruiter was and has always been outstanding. Their ability to quickly supply highly skilled Software and DevOps Engineers who culturally blend well with our existing teams continues to amaze me. I continue to use them as a vendor regardless of where my professional journey takes me because of the professionalism and convenience working with their team provides. They are highly technical at the account management level and are able to propose transparently diverse solutions whether that be Staff Aug. or Nearshore Outsourcing which has always helped me get the approvals and buy-in I need from senior leadership to get critical project done right.


Success in Data: Explore Our Case Studies

Our Process

Our process. Simple, seamless, streamlined.

mage of a presentation scenario depicting TekRecruiter's comprehensive process, outlining stages from client engagement to final delivery in IT recruiting, staff augmentation, and nearshore software development

Why Choose TekRecruiter?

Why TekRecruiter

Versatile Technology Solutions

Embrace a spectrum of tech solutions from staff augmentation to specialized outsourcing.

Easily navigate the complexities of building the best technology teams and products with our array of solutions. We're equipped to bolster your team locally or bridge talent gaps through nearshore outsourcing. Our approach balances competitive pricing with the highest quality, ensuring a perfect fit for your technological ventures.

Graphic illustration showcasing the versatility of TekRecruiter's solutions, custom-tailored to each client’s needs and encompassing diverse staffing options, outsourcing, nearshore services, and recruiting
Graphic displaying a light bulb, symbolizing TekRecruiter's tech-driven approach and leadership, highlighting our commitment to smart, innovative ideas in the technology sector.

Tech-Driven Approach & Leadership

We're not just recruiters; we're tech connoisseurs empowering your technology endeavors.

Beyond traditional account management and recruiting, our team embodies a deep technical understanding. This expertise is crucial in not only navigating the intricate tech landscape but also in securing top-notch talent and precise solutions for your projects. Our technical insight ensures we align your needs with optimal results

Diversity Supplier

Our status as a diversity supplier reflects our commitment to inclusive excellence.

Embracing diversity isn't just a part of our identity; it's our commitment. As a diversity supplier, we're not just an excellent choice for those seeking a new diverse partner but also a firm that genuinely understands and implements DE&I principles. Partner with us for a tech staffing and solutions approach that's inclusive, equitable, and forward-thinking.

Local Presence, Global Impact

South Florida's Premier Tech Hub with Extensive Nearshore Capabilities

Image depicting TekRecruiter's geographic footprint, highlighting our South Florida presence with offices in Boca Raton, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, alongside our nearshore operations centered in São Paulo, Brazil

Elite opportunities in Tech from the best industry innovators: Search jobs

You're not just any technologist, you're part of the elite 1%. At TekRecruiter, we recognize your unique skills and offer you more than a job – we present opportunities that revolutionize industries and change the world.

Are you ready to be challenged, are you ready to work with the best?

Search Jobs

Tech Insights & Hiring Resources

Tech Hiring Insights

Stay Informed: Expert Tech Staffing & Recruiting tips to transformative talent solution guides for nearshore hiring and tech outsourcing.

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