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Guide on how to hire top tech talent from Brazil

Brazil landscape
Brazil landscape

Hiring top tech talent is a challenge for most companies, especially in the tech industry where skilled workers are in high demand. If you're a hiring manager, internal recruiter, or tech leader looking for top-notch tech services, Brazil could provide a large pool with competitive rates.

Latin America has an abundance of software developers that are highly sought after by international companies. However, hiring tech talent from other countries such as Brazil can be a challenging task if you don't know the ins and outs of the country's recruitment procedures. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to hire top tech talent from Brazil.

Is it worth it to hire talent from Brazil?

Reasons to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil
Reasons to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil

The short answer is yes. Brazil is one of the largest countries of Latin America and has the most diverse talent pool and tech communities in the world, with a massive global talent pool full of talented engineers and software developers, plus an array of specialized roles such as UX/UI designers, product and software engineering managers, data scientists, and more.

With their competitive rates, knowledge of software development, computer science, and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and robotics, Brazilian tech professionals can be an invaluable asset to any workforce.

Hiring software developers in Brazil is actually a cost-efficient option. The average salary there is lower compared to other markets like the US or UK, which helps reduce business costs. Plus, Brazilians are known for being hardworking and driven, with strong work ethics. They make significant contributions to any project they're involved in.

Steps to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil

Steps to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil
Steps to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil

  1. Partner with a recruitment company:

To ensure your recruitment and hiring process runs smoothly, it’s best to partner with a reputable recruitment company that specializes in employment in the tech sector in Brazil. The agency can help you identify the best developers and recruit qualified candidates with the required skills for the job.

Partnering with local recruitment agencies in Brazil can be challenging due to cultural and language differences. So the best choice is to partner with a US company that specializes in software development outsourcing. They can help you:

  • Find the talented developers with the right technical skills quickly;

  • Overcome cultural and communication barriers;

  • Negotiate salaries with employers in Brazil;

  • Manage legal and administrative paperwork efficiently;

Finding the very best talent to partner can make the ride a lot smoother. TekRecruiter is a deeply specialized technology staffing & recruiting services firm with thorough technical aptitude and screening processes to connect companies with the top 1% of in-demand technology nearshore talent anywhere in the world.

  1. Create a job description:

Once you’ve chosen the right recruitment service and partner, the next step is to create an effective job description for your position. When writing a job description for Brazilian software development talent, it’s important to include key details that highlight what makes your company unique and attractive.

Include information about your organization, the purpose of the job, and what unique skills and relevant experience are required. Also, be sure to include details about your company's culture and values - this is important for helping you find the right fit and dedicated team.

  1. Create a competitive compensation package:

When it comes to hiring remote software developers from South America, offering a competitive compensation package is essential to attract top talent. Base salaries should reflect the cost of living in Brazil, and bonuses or other incentives should be offered to entice the best candidates. The right recruitment company will also assist you with data analysis of what is fair compensation for your international employees in Brazil.

If you know the benefits that the Brazilian economy and labor laws allow you can be prepared to know how your employer is used to working, as well as the types and forms of compensation they are most likely to expect.

Time to hire, What are the options?

Options to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil
Options to Hire Tech Talent from Brazil

When it comes to hiring nearshore talent, you have several options. You don't necessarily have to have a company in Brazil to hire skilled developers in their local market. Here are some options you can consider:

Hire Employees Directly

If you're looking to expand your workforce, you have the opportunity to directly hire international employees. This entails diligently adhering to the legal requirements and processes specific to employing foreign workers in your country. By taking these necessary steps, you can bring valuable talent from other regions around the world to enhance your team's diversity and expertise.

Partner With an International PEO

Partnering with a PEO has pros and cons. While it can provide advantages like outsourcing HR functions, there are drawbacks to consider. Loss of control, limited customization, expensive fees, potential communication challenges, and lack of flexibility are some factors to evaluate. Thoroughly assessing your business needs is crucial before deciding to work with an international PEO.


Contract-to-hire offers contractors a successful collaboration. The staffing agency takes care of all the processes of hiring international employees, from sourcing a list of the right talent to arranging final interviews with the company. Once a final decision is made, the staffing agency provides assistance with all the required paperwork, and the new hire begins working on the staffing agency payroll. After a certain period, the candidate transitions to being contracted directly with the company. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless transition and simplifies the hiring process for all parties involved.

It's important to evaluate each option when it's time to hire nearshore talent taking into consideration your specific needs, budget, and long-term goals. Partnering with a top recruiting company experienced in international business and employment in Latin America, like TekRecruiter, helps you make an informed decision in the hiring process.

Enjoy the ride

After hiring a Brazillian employer you will be saving approximately 50% of costs associated with hiring local services. With the cost savings, you can invest money in software development and more remote team members and widen your global talent pool to include people hired from places all over the world.

By joining forces with talented professionals across the globe, you will open up new opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth. Once you make your initial hire, you'll likely be driven to continue expanding your team with new hires. Don't overlook the value of partnering with a reputable recruitment firm like TekRecruiter. The right partnership can help you secure the best candidates who align with your business goals and the specific positions you're looking to fill. The right candidate is your key to success in this ride!


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